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Celebrate the Beauty


My photographs have been exhibited in exhibitions all over the world so far. Here are the glimpses of some.

Inheritance Photography Exhibition (2023), Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow; Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; Museum of Art & Photography (Bangalore) and Kanike Studios (Bangalore)

Sharing COMMONspace (2023), Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. (August-September 2023)

The Big Art Show, Art Dept Paisley, Scotland. (August-November 2023)

Art of Photography Exhibition, The SPACE Art Gallery, Philadelphia, United States of America. (6-8th 2023 October)

Our Amazing Planet Exhibition, Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada. (August3-5th 2023)

Art of Photography exhibition featured in Espaço Espelho D'agua, a beautiful photography gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. (15-17 July 2022).

Nature Photographer of the Year, Coningsby Gallery, London, UK, (Dec 9-11, 2021)

‘Stills: Centre For Photography’, located in historic Edinburgh, Scotland. (Nov 18-20 2021)

Art of Photography, Atelier Now, Dublin, Ireland. (14-16th Oct 2021)

Best of Black & White, Kontrast Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. (30th Sep- 30th Oct 2021)

Landscape Photography, 6x6 Centre for Photography, Limassol, Cyprus. (2-4th July 2021)

Powerful Composition, Laurent Gallery, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia (10-12 September 2021)

Your Favourite Shot - 6x6 Centre for Photography, Cyprus (5-7th July, 2021)

Art of Photography, Valid World Hall, Barcelona (6-8th August, 2021)

Travel Photographer of the Year, In The Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (24th-26th June 2021) 

Art of Black & White. PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (20-22 August 2021)

Dramatic Lighting Challenge, ALMANAQUE fotografica, Colonia Roma, Mexico (10-13th June 2021)

Nature Photography- FotoZA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa (16-18th July 2021)

Solo- Single Subject, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany (23-25th July 2021)

My Exhibition Shot - Matca Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam, (17-22 June 2021)

Powerful Composition- BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany (23-25th July 2021)

Our Amazing Planet- Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece. 14-16th May 2021)

 Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata 2015. 

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